What We Do

What We Do

Since being founded in 1996, Habitat for Humanity of Angelina County has built homes for over 20 low income families. We construct new homes for families in need and provide Mortgage Servicing where we finance and manage each Partner Family’s mortgage, taxes, and home insurance. Through our program, families receive a home that is safe and affordable, with no closing costs, interest, or down payment, and pay off the loan over a 20 year period through affordable monthly payments.

Our Construction and Site Selection Committee helps ensure that we have the land necessary to build safe and affordable homes for families in need. We partner with many businesses, organizations, and individuals in our community who donate funds, time, and labor which help us continue to build affordable homes. We are happy to serve our community and are committed to serving until poverty housing is eliminated in Angelina County.

Our Homes

Partner Family Testimonials

“I feel honored to have been chosen to receive a Habitat home. As a single mom, I want nothing more than to provide a nice, safe home for my kids. I could never afford to by a home on my own. Habitat is making that dream come true for me and my kids… I love the fact that I get to put in sweat equity on the current homes we are building. It just makes me feel good! It is already helping me appreciate my future home. I am thankful to God and to Habitat for entrusting me with becoming a homeowner-just saying it makes me smile!” – Chelley Farr, Habitat for Humanity Family Partner

“Habitat for Humanity has constantly proven time and time again that they will continually use their skills and good fortune to better the community and help as many families as possible. By being part of the program, I’ve been able to see that the process is about making a better tomorrow for people and families of our community. It affords me a better opportunity to give my children a more stable and oriented life. In doing this, it showed my children what it means to be part of a community.” – Tena McQueen, Habitat for Humanity Family Partner

Our Families